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8 kittens remaining to reserve

8 Left to reserve:

ClaRagdolls Tabigail - seal tabby point female

ClaRagdolls Asla - cream tabby point Male

ClaRagdolls Garfield- cream tabby mitted male

ClaRagdolls Mocha Choo - seal tabby mitted male

ClaRagdolls Motley Moo - seal Tabby Point Male

ClaRagdolls Tom Thumb - seal Tabby Point Male

ClaRagdolls Muffin Socks - seal tabby mitted male

ClaRagdolls Cinder Puss - seal Tabby Point female

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Just to confirm I will be emailing out Kitten Application forms in due course, after successful mating I will know in 2 weeks. Watch this space 😁

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I am hopefully due first lot of kittens for March time all being well, all will be mitted various colours hopefully 😁no tabbies in this litter. Mia - Lilac tortie colour point (Queen) Kobe - Seal bi-


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